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First I want to say I don't work much on TFP. At the moment, I and my environment think that I have long reached a limit that I photograph in a high quality. I often do TFP SHOOTS when I want to expand my own portfolio.


TFP is the abbreviation for Time For Portfolio. That means we work together without paying each other to expand both of our portfolios. The collaboration is on an equal basis and aimed at strengthening each other's portfolio.

What do I expect from a model? You are spontaneous and enthusiastic to deal with. Keeping appointments is very normal for you. You strive for the best possible result, just like me as a photographer. In short, you, just like myself, are committed to 200% for a super result. I work on a TFP basis no different than on a commercial basis. So I deliver the photos within the agreed time. Of course I expect the same reliable attitude from a model.


The photos may only be used by you as a model for your own portfolio, website and private use. Permission is required for any commercial use of the photos. Publishing or having it published in printed media or submitting to photo competitions is also not permitted. The photos are copyrighted and are the property of the photographer.You are not allowed to change or edit the photos in any way.
See contract


If you work together on a TFP basis, it is common to use a TFP contract. This contract provides clarity in advance about what you can expect from each other. After the shoot, it also provides guidance to keep each other to the agreements made. This makes it in the interest of both the photographer and the model. I only work with models who also want to work together on the basis of a contract. The contract is completed and signed together prior to the photo shoot. ———> READ CONTRACT HERE <——–


Before talking about the number, it is important to realize what the purpose of the photo shoot is. The goal is to collect portfolio worthy material. Photos that strengthen your portfolio and perhaps take it to the next level. It is not a free photo shoot to share with your family and friends. In practice, most (experienced) models and photographers use 1-2 photos to add to their portfolio.

For this reason I supply 3 to 5 photos as standard. This will give you more photos than you will likely use for your portfolio. If we have really worked out completely different styles, the number may be slightly higher in some cases.

Also realize what is more valuable. 20 photos where I spend 5 minutes each, or 5 photos where I spend 20 minutes each. In the latter case, the end result will be much better. Because it's a portfolio for both of us, I want to get the very best out of only the best photos.


As a model you will receive a number of edited photos. By default, these are 3 to 5 photos unless otherwise agreed. This is also more than enough for portfolio purposes. Since in most cases only 1 to 2 photos are actually added to a portfolio.

You will not receive the unedited photos. As a photographer I stand for the quality I deliver. The pictures in the camera are only an intermediate product and therefore not finished. Only after a thorough editing is the photo finished and in my personal style.


After the shoot, will select a number of photos from the entire series, which will edit in the style that he thinks best suits the photo. So you are not allowed to choose yourself.

When the post-processing is finished, you will receive a number of photos (3/5) of web quality at least 2000 × 1800 with the logo of on it via Wetransfer / WebAlbum. You can use these photos online provided that the photographer (and make-up artist / stylist etc) is mentioned. Everyone who contributed to the shoot will receive these photos (including any makeup artist / stylist present). owns the photos.

The edited photos can therefore be used by the entire team in their portfolio on websites, social media and / or paper portfolio to promote themselves.

By participating in a TFP Photo Shoot you agree to the above conditions.

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