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To prepare

Good preparation is half the job. This certainly applies to a model.
Below are a number of tips that will make the shoot more pleasant for you and the photographer.
Use it to your advantage.


  • Make sure you drink enough water the days before a photo shoot. You don't want to look dried out.

  • Shave or depilate any areas that will be visible during the shoot. If necessary, go to a beautician to have you epilated.
    Waxing, waxing and epilation should be done at least 2 days in advance.

  • It is also better not to sunbathe in the two days before the photo shoot. Burned skin and / or stripes are very clearly visible in the photo. Do not use a self-tanner, this does not look natural. If the shoot is on location and the sun is shining, it is wise to bring sunscreen.

  • Jewelry that you do not want in the picture is best removed a few days before. Also, make sure they don't leave too many white streaks. In that case, it is best not to wear them for a while.

  • Take care of your nails, are they painted? Make sure they get a white color or make sure you also have fake nails with you that are white. It can be very disturbing if you are in the photo with pink or green nail polish if it does not fit.

  • Check in advance that your underwear does not show through the clothes. Try different colors of underwear and see what works best under which clothes. Use sufficient (day) light so that you are not faced with surprises. A black bra under a white top is rarely a good idea.


    - Make sure the shoes you wear during the photo shoot are clean.
    - Wear different shoes on the way to the shoot.
    - Be careful with perfume in outdoor locations, it attracts insects.
    - Do not wear tight-fitting clothes when you come to the photo shoot.
    - Stretch marks remain visible for at least half an hour. Also think of your socks, bra, rings and so on.

    - Lubricate your skin with body lotion 2 hours in advance. Your skin will then look healthy and well-groomed


  • Clothes and shoes, as much as you can wear.

    Bring accessories, such as jewelry, hats, scarves, bags, (sun) glasses, flowers, cuddly toys, etc.
    And good humor.

    Really 1 very important tip! Be on time. leaves on time keep an eye on traffic jams.

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