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Mark Zanderink

I am a photographer who started out of passion. I started simple with a compact camera, but soon afterwards I got the urge to develop myself and also to master the art of lighting.

I always keep developing and I certainly do not shy away from challenges.

In this way I always discover other ways of photography.
My specialties are mainly cars, animals, sports (crossfit / gym) and Boudoir photography .

But I am known and employable in every field, this is also reflected in my portfolio.


Roos is Mark's partner. Both business / artistic and personal. Before she met Mark, she already enjoyed photography, especially animals.

Since she has known Mark she became more familiar with modeling. She also does not shy away from being a model herself and the photos are amazingly beautiful.

Through the collaboration, Roos learns a lot from the technique of photography, so that they complement each other nicely.

Roos' artistic view helps to ensure a perfect photo. The guidance of the models is also in good hands with her. Together they guarantee quality!

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